Equipment + Logistics


We have the best bikes in Bhutan: a new fleet of TriCross Elite Discs by Specialized. These cyclocross bikes are ideal for Bhutan's road conditions and topography. The use of these bikes is included in the price of our trips, but riders are welcome to bring their own if they wish.

We will adjust the bikes to your body type and cycling preferences during our first day in Bhutan and maintain them throughout the trip to ensure a smooth ride.

Lodging + Meals

The accommodations include a luxurious hotel and spa, a remote alpine lodge and a marvelous campsite complete with toilets and hot stone baths. The meals are freshly prepared with a variety of local, seasonal ingredients that highlight the agrarian culture of Bhutan. Both the accommodations and the meals are included in the price of our trips.

Travel To Bhutan

Druk Air, the Bhutanese National Airline, is the only commercial airline that flies into and out of Bhutan's Paro Airport. The major Druk Air connection cities are Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu and Singapore.

Guests are responsible for purchasing a round-trip ticket to one of the Druk Air connection cities. Based on your itinerary, we will then arrange your round-trip Druk Air flights into and out of the Paro Airport and invoice you. In addition to the Druk Air flights, we will also coordinate the required Bhutanese visas; the cost of these visas is included in the price of our trips.

We are readily available to discuss flight arrangements to one of the four Druk Air connection cities, or we will gladly introduce you to a travel agent that frequently arranges such flights for our guests.

Whenever you arrive at the Paro Airport, our team will be there to meet you and begin your adventure in Bhutan!

Photo Courtesy of C. Grist