Bhutan is an astonishing place and there is no better way to experience it than by bicycle. Cyclists of all levels will enjoy the majestic scenery and unique culture of Bhutan, whether you opt to climb its challenging mountain passes or take leisurely rides through the country's lush valleys.

About Us

Our trips are led by the most experienced cyclists and knowledgeable guides in Bhutan. We provide unparalleled exposure to Bhutanese culture with rich sets of daily activities, from dinners with civic and religious leaders to interactions with artisanal cheese and honey producers. You will also enjoy an intimate, unique tour of a remote village in the Tang Valley, as one of our co-founders will take you back to his childhood home; here, you will learn how to make homemade buckwheat noodles, have your fortune told by the local astrologer, and enjoy traditional hot stone baths.

Our Trips

Our tours are for cyclists of all levels. Trip options include: a 10-day tour of cultural landmarks and spectacular landscapes; a 4-day loop into the beautiful Haa Valley; and a challenging set of rides that retrace the Tour of the Dragon, an epic race that our guides have won several times []. We also offer customized, private tours that are tailored to your specific interests and travel preferences. On all of our tours you will experience the magic and majesty of Bhutan on the best fleet of bicycles available in the country.

About the Raven

The raven is the national bird of Bhutan and once served as the legendary guide and protector of the father of Bhutan's first king during his effort to unify the country. As a result, the royal crown is adorned with a raven and the bird is considered to be one of the primary deities that protects Bhutan and safeguards the well-being of its people. The bold and playful raven can still be seen and heard throughout Bhutan.

Photo Courtesy of A. Gero